Well Hello, Baby Eastyn! | Kayla Lunde – Documentary + Lifestyle Photographer | Chicago + West Suburbs

Baby Eastyn is the 6th child and 5th daughter of my good friends from Church. I was just floored when her mommy asked me to come and document her transition into their family! At just three weeks baby Eastyn was already showing us her fiery personality. This little one is not going to be forgotten, that’s for sure! She has five older siblings to keep up with and I have no doubt she will. Big sister Blake was reveling in her opportunity to be a big sister for the first time. I am very excited to see the relationship grow between these two. They already seem thick as thieves. If you are looking to book a session hop on over to my contact info and send me a quick message!

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Welcoming baby Oliver| Kayla Lunde – Documentary +Lifestyle Photographer | Chicago and West Suburbs

It wouldn’t be right if I didn’t start my feature blog series with the one who helped start it all! Sweet Ollie’s mama and I went to high school together and have grown so close since becoming mommies. One day, not long before Ollie was born, we were talking while the kids played and somehow we began talking about me doing photography professionally. She has always been a big time supporter of anything I do and I cannot show enough appreciation to her for that. She told me to go for it and I said ‘well, what if I practice on you guys once the baby is here? That way I can just see how I feel about it.” She was all for it and honestly, I had the best time documenting their transition into a family of four.

Now this sweet boy will be 6 months next month and I can hardly believe it! I may have to sneak over for a milestone session… J if you’re reading this consider this my text message! Lol. Everyone else, you’ll have to stay tuned and see if this insanely adorable and precious family makes another appearance..


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