Choose Happiness | Kayla Lunde – Lifestyle + Documentary Photographer | Chicago + West Suburbs

My husband and I work hard to teach our children that they are the only ones who have access to their feelings. We teach them that no one can *make* you feel or not feel anything, and that anything you do feel is valid. We teach them that we all have the power to react or not react. And that no one can steal our happiness, but instead it’s something we can choose or choose not to give away. But one can teach all day and all night; we know via research and experience that kids do much better with what they see than what they hear.. Some things are easy to model.. others.. such as holding your tongue when you really want to let loose or choosing happiness instead of wallowing in the offenses of someone who hurt you… are not quite as easy. But children are our best teachers, are they not? And they bring us a multitude of opportunities to be our best selves. They push us to grow and morph into who we desire them to be. They require us to look deep inside ourselves, confront all of our insecurities, weaknesses, and demons. They require more of us, better of us, they require us to find happiness amid the shadows of life. And for that I am grateful. So my friends remember this the next time you find yourself in the dark shadows of life. No one can steal your happiness. Choose to see the light amid all the darkness. And dance in it. ❤️

Kayla Lunde Chicago Lifestyle Documentary Photographer